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Transforming higher education

Our vision is to create a human-centered learning experience. We provide you with everything you need to start, or continue your own entrepreneurial path. From necessary resources, to coaching, a great network, regular events and international experts; we created a rich environment where you can develop your entrepreneurial self.
You will learn a set of skills, methods and traits that help you to find solutions to complex problems and turn them into business ideas. Being entrepreneurial and having good entrepreneurial skills will help you to actively create and succeed in a rapidly changing digital world.
Digital Transformation
Digitalisation is an overarching theme, that influences businesses, society and technology. It provides many opportunities and challenges; and a critical discourse on how we want to live in the future is necessary. The only way to have an impact is to actively create the Digital Transformation.
Project-based learning
You can't learn Entrepreneurship by sitting in a classroom and listening to a professor talk; you need to do it. We support all students who are highly motivated to work on their own digital start-up idea or on a given innovation project to join our courses.
Entrepreneurial teams are usually very heterogenous; different fields of background, knowledge and skills but following a shared vision is the best combination to start your entrepreneurial project. Our Education Program encourages students from all study backgrounds and countries to join.
is a joint project by the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship funded by the Center for Digitization Bavaria. The goal is to set up an innovative Open Online Course together with an international and interdisciplinary Master Program to foster the Digital Transformation through Entrepreneurship.

Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE)

Founded in 2002, the SCE offers trainings, qualifications programs and start-up coaching to foster a culture of lively innovation. Throughout their programs and events, they help participants to pursue professional goals - as entrepreneurs or as innovators within a company - and give them the tools they need to effect societal change. Various funding programs, a great network, rich events as well as an own incubator help to turn ideas into a marketable innovation.

Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS)

With 14 departments and more than 18,000 students the MUAS offers 85 high quality study programs in the areas of technology and engineering, economics, social sciences and design. MUAS is the 2nd largest University of Applied Sciences and excels in its practical, entrepreneurial, sustainable and intercultural orientation, leaving students as personalities who contribute to society and approach their careers with foresight, creativity and a sense of responsibility.

"Entrepreneurship turns ideas and technologies into
innovations. And innovations are the only way to
constantly renew our economy."

Falk F. Strascheg, Founder & Entrepreneur

What is going on in the Entrepreneurship World?

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