entreTime Train-the-Trainer

Welcome upcoming entrepreneurship educators!

This is a self-paced online course for educators of all disciplines interested to learn how to teach through entrepreneurship and encourage their students and peers to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

This online course is a central element of the entreTime Programme Toolkit.  Higher Education Institutions can use its content as part of lifelong learning training initiatives for staff.  

Become an entrepreneurship educator


  • 7 Modules
  • 7 Quizzes
  • Accompanying Slidedecks
    and Reflection Exercises

Become an Entrepreneurship Educator

You will become an entrepreneurship educator by theoretical inputs, practical-driven exercices and exchanges in our community 


Join the community, exchange experiences, share resources


entreTime is a new entrepreneurship education initiative, funded by the European Union, aimed at upskilling educators within higher education. 

Following our specific philosophy “teaching through entrepreneurship”, a pool of experienced professionals in the domain has developed a three-month train-the-trainer programme. The entreTime training programme is an excellent learning experience for:

  • Improving an educator's personal development
  • Understanding the value of entrepreneurial competences as practical life skills
  • Triggering entrepreneurial spirit and societal responsibility among enterprising students
During the three-year project (2020-2022) the concept was validated by participating top-level educators across Europe in two pilot editions. The resulting entretime Toolkit is now available to all Higher Educations Institutions.
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Meet the entreTime instructors

Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer
CEO Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship & MUAS professor  
His main goal is to inspire students to develop their entrepreneurial personality and equip them with the right tools and methods to shape our common future. Klaus Sailer is very well connected in the Entrepreneurship scene, and fosters innovative research, networks and teaching worldwide.
Prof. Dr. Steven Gedeon
Chair, Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute
Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
My mission is to help individuals transform from who they are to who they are capable of becoming, through the positive power of entrepreneurship. I strive to achieve this at the largest entrepreneurship program in the world at Ryerson, in youth organizations, and in Teach-The-Teacher programs like entreTime and ConeeectU.
Prof. Milena Stoycheva
CEO, JA Bulgaria
The Edge
Visiting Professor, EIT Digital
Milena Stoycheva is a Crazy Dreamer and Fire Starter, a.k.a. CEO of JA Bulgaria and its spin-off company The Edge: R&BD. She teaches Innovation and Entrepreneurship as a Visiting Professor with the EIT Digital Master School.
Entrepreneur and educator, she is passionate about the importance of education and the opportunity for young people to develop their talents and discover their future as entrepreneurs.
Prof. Dr. Mats Westerberg
Professor Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Mats has a passion for developing entrepreneurial competences in students and educators. During the last 15 years, he has developed and delivered a multitude of courses and programs focused on preparing the current and the next generation to reach their potential and contribute to build a sustainable society. He has especially focused on “teach-the-teacher” programs and courses, as the educator is essential when it comes to developing entrepreneurial competences in students.
Prof. Dr. Louisa Huxtable-Thomas
Associate Professor. School of Management Swansea University, Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IfEL)
Louisa believes that the person and the entrepreneurial venture are closely interconnected – and as a result focusses her teaching on developing the entrepreneurial mindset alongside developing the enterprise.
As a result of a varied career encompassing work in environmental consultancy, policy making and business support and incubation, Louisa treads the line between academia and business support - combining theories from business, social science, education and psychology to help created holistic, reflective entrepreneurs and values-driven enterprises.
Stratos Baloutsos
Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin) - AUEB
Stratos is a Ph.D. candidate and researcher, mainly interested in Innovation Ecosystems and Business Model Innovation. For the last 4 years he has been coaching startups, teaching entrepreneurship classes, and researching factors that allow entrepreneurial ecosystems to survive. He has also been involved in several EU funded research projects contributing on issues of business modeling and commercialization. He also has experience as a business consultant and mechanical engineer.
Prof. Dr. Slavica Singer, Professor Emeritus
UNESCO Chair in Entrepreneurship Education
J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia
2021 European Entrepreneurship Education Award
Slavica is primarily focused on developing entrepreneurial competences of young people based on the broadest definition of being proactive, innovative in defining and solving problems, and. being responsible for own choices. She is also very committed to developing the entrepreneurial capacity of the university. Slavica is very much involved in establishing entrepreneurship education programs on all educational levels (from undergraduate to doctoral) in Croatia, for which her team was selected as one of twenty best practices in European Union in 2015.
Josh Stobbard
Innovation Professor & Commercial Strategist
Specialist in radical ideas, product creation and breakthrough creativity.
He will make your organisation faster, more streamlined, flexible, agile and flowing with ideas.
Global marketing strategist, start-up specialist, committed to economic regeneration.
Elli Diakanastasi 
Network and Operations Manager of the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
Having more than a decade’s worth of experience in entrepreneurship. Ph.D. candidate studying the inner workings of entrepreneurial teams and has a Master’s in management, product innovation, and entrepreneurship. Also a founding member of ACEin and an inseparable part of it. In my time there, I have coached dozens of teams and taken part in EU funded projects to cultivate and promote entrepreneurial skills and mindset. 

Our Vision

Entrepreneurship is the key to foster societal change and facing global challenges. That is why entrepreneurship is part of each study programme. Educators from all disciplines have the mindset and competences to teach their student how they can create a better future. 

Our Mission

entreTime educates the educators. Europeans best entrepreneurship educators have setted up a programme to qualify educators of each discipline. It is open for both beginners and experts in entrepreneurship education.

Who developed entreTime?

entreTime has benn established by a consortium with eight highly respected universities and seven associated partners.

Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE), Germany (Coordinator)
Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), Greece 
Lulea University of Technology (LTU), Sweden
Triple Helix Association (THA) , Italy
Universidade de Aveiro (UAVR), Portugal 
J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia (EFOS), Croatia
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Finland
Technopolis Group, Belgium
UCD Innovation Academy - Ireland
Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada
Social Entrepreneurship Akademie (SEA), Germany
The Policy Experimentation Evaluation Platform (PEEP), Portugal
Learning studio, UK
JA Bulgaria and The Edge:R&BD, Bulgaria
Swansea University, UK